What is the best WordPress hosting for a small to medium sized business?

I’m writing this post as I know how confusing it can be when searching for a host for your website.

When it comes to finding hosting for your self hosted wordpress website where do you start? Do you go with a friends recommendation, do you go for the cheapest option, are those really expensive and premium looking options worth it?

When I first started looking for hosting for my websites, the first thing that I looked at was the price. I was immediately drawn to the cheapest option as I didn’t understand how one hosting option could be so much better than another. I considered hosting almost an inconvenience e and my focus was on designing and building the website.

Great hosting is the foundation of a great website and it’s well worth your time, effort and money to invest in a solution which is going to work for your requirements.

If your a small to medium sized business  in the market for wordpress hosting, I want to save you the time and hassle of researching or getting burnt by making the wrong choice.

I’ve tried a wide array of WordPress hosting options and I’ve now finally found a hosting provider which I’m happy with. Siteground has that sweet spot of performance and amazing customer service, all at a great price.

I’m not saying that siteground is the be all and end all of WordPress hosting options. But if you fit within the criteria of small business with up to 100,000 hits a month then siteground offers a very strong contention.

I’ll quickly run through a few of the reasons why I believe that siteground offers such a great option.

Loading Speed

If your serious about your website, you’ll need a fast loading website. Website speed affects how many customers land and stay on your website, and also affects your SEO. Siteground is optimised to load wordpress powered websites really fast. And if you go with the “go geek plan” you’ll get more dedicated server space which means an even faster load.

Great customer service

From quick questions to technical queries, siteground customer service has been superb for me. Every time I’ve used live chat, I haven’t had to wait longer than 2 minutes and they’ve always gone above and beyond when answering my questions.

Free CDN

Siteground provides integrated cloud flare cdn, which distributes a cached version of your website across a distributed network of servers across the world. What does this mean in English? It means that your website will load fast no matter where your website is viewed

Free SSL certificate

With the check of a box you can convert your website to a secure protocol (which basically means you’ll get a fancy ‘https’ secure padlock in your browser bar). Why is this good? Because it encrypts information passed out of your website plus google has openly said that it will improve your website if you have https


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