Hey guys

Today I’m going to give you a brief overview of what wordpress is, and how it’s the perfect website solution for most small business, blogs or entrepreneurial ventures.

So what is wordpress?

WordPress is a dynamic website platform which allows you to create, edit, store and publish information on your website with ease.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you want a website that makes it really easy to change your page content, publish posts and update images and video, wordpress is a great option.

I’ll run through some of the features of wordpress and how it can specifically help small business owners and entrepreneurs.

How do I design my wordpress website?

One of the most powerful features of wordpress is it’s theme templating functionality, which allows you to change the visual appearance of your website without having to modify the wordpress core. This means that you can update the design of your website without having to change the content

If you’re on a budget or just getting started there are multiple resources online, offering pre built themes at affordable prices.On the other hand If you’re an established business requiring a custom solution, there are countless talented designers who can create you a unique wordpress theme.  

Plugin functionality

One of the stand out features of wordpress is it’s diverse plugin library. Plugins are installations which can be downloaded directly from the wordpress backend and allow you to add extra functionality to your website.This could include, analytics, social network, plugins, e-commerce, performance improvements and many more features.

Flexible and scalable

WordPress is flexible and built to scale. It has an infrastructure built to accommodate solutions from hobby websites through to corporation websites handling  hundreds of thousands of visitors a day.

It achieves this by having an open source code base which can be modified by developers to create bespoke solutions for larger websites. This is the reason why BBC America, Techcrunch, Sony Music and MTV News all use wordpress for their website platform.

This  results in an easy and intuitive backend, allowing the admin to be configured and customised to the website owner’s unique requirements.

So wordpress is perfect for techies who want to control every aspect of their website, through to non technical people who are happy to use the default functionality in the admin.

WordPress is constantly evolving and updating

WordPress has a passionate team and community behind it. This means it’s constantly getting updated and improved. Whether it be adding the latest web standards to the core code bank or making the admin area more intuitive and easier to use, wordpress is continually improving.

If you run into any problems with your website or need to make any changes or updates the community is second to none and no matter what question or problem you have chances are you’ll find the answer or some help without too much trouble.


So how much does all this amazing functionality cost?

The wordpress installation is actually free. It includes all the wordpress files to setup the installation on your hosts servers and also comes with some free default theme templates to get started with.

This effectively means that you can get a wordpress website up and running for the price of just a domain and hosting.

From there you can choose to hire help and the price will obviously start to go up based on your requirements

So what next?

If you want to build a website for your new business venture or you’re planning on starting a blog or online business I highly recommend that you consider wordpress.

As amazing as wordpress is … I believe that to get the best out, it’s worth investing in a professional to help you out.

Here at Canvo we know the platform inside out and we can design and develop a website designed around your specific business requirements.  Even if you just need some help with understanding how the admin works and how to publish posts and content we can help out.

If you have any questions whatsoever, leave a comment below or get in touch via our contact form.