So this is our first post and I thought what better subject to address than why you need a website.

Most people know that if they’ve got a business they should be online. But have you ever thought in depth about the benefits that a website can offer your business.

A website is more than just sticking some text copy and images online. If you approach your website with the right mindset, it becomes a powerful tool to help you magnify the reach of your business, or build something special.

Here are my top reasons why no matter what your trying to achieve in your business, you gotta be online in 2017.

Claiming your place online – You’ve got to be in it to win it

In it’s simplest form a website gives you a place to shine online, a place to show how you do your trade and earn your stripes. It’s a space where you can define a voice for your company and show people what you do! With the average brit spending around 20 hrs a week online, and a combined spend of £60 billion you really should have a little slice of the internet to call your own.

Become a man or woman of influence online

By providing unique content and consistently posting information and expertise on a particular niche or subject, you have started the journey to becoming considered someone of knowledge in that area.

So what does this mean for you and your website? It means that you now have the potential to be seen as an authority in this subject and exert an influence over your audience to keep them coming back for more.

Building your own client email list

What’s the best way to develop a list of clients that you can reach whenever you want, to offer propositions and products? Build an email list of course!

Having a website gives you an amazing opportunity to build a segmented email list of customers from your users.

To do this you can offer your audience freebees such as e-books, top tips or discounts in return for their email address.

Then whenever you have have a future product launch or newsletter you can post it out to this list, a tried and tested form of internet marketing.

Building intimacy with your prospective client

I’ve got a question for you … are you more or less likely to deal with someone you feel like you know and have a connection with?

You’re going to choose to connect with this person over someone else aren’t you? I mean it’s a no brainer. You know them … so you trust their offer.

Your website gives you an opportunity to build a connection and intimacy with your audience. Through the tone of your blog posts, consistent posting, social media embeds and video, you can create an intimate environment to allow you to build that connection with your user, and offer your specific niche.

I don’t know about you … but if you watch a videos of youtubers on their personal channels speaking on subjects that they are passionate and authentic about, after a few watches on their channel you almost feel like you know that person… right.

This is what you can leverage through your website to create the same immersive experience for your users.

So you don’t want to go on video … no problem, you can do this through through your standard blog posts, and social media embeds.

You can sell things direct to consumer from your website

Over 90% of internet users in the UK have purchased something online. Consumer trust in e-commerce is high, and when you combine this with the affordable, easy to use tools means selling online has never been so accessible.

The opportunity is vast and something like we’ve never seen on planet earth. Today in 2017 you have the opportunity to build a location independent store where you can sell more or less what you want through your website.

Does it take work. Yes. Is it possible. Yes

Do things that brick and mortar just can’t do – The online world never sleeps

Through your website you can still be open for business as you sleep! Does anyone else not find that amazing!

So while you sleep you can …

Connect with your audience and build relationships, through blog posts and videos.
Provide information and sales letters through blog posts and FAQ’s, virtual assistants through live chat software.
Keep in touch with your users through forums, contact forms, live chat software
Sell products through your e-commerce store plugged into a shipping solution

A low barrier to entry

To summarise this post, I think the most important thing is that websites are massively affordable nowadays. Whether you decide to use a template system such as wix or squarespace or hire an expert to build you a more customised solution around your business goals, you can start building your dream business from humble beginnings

Why not make that start today?

Need some advice on how to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction.